Base CMS Website Design Features List

These options/features come standard on all of our Base CMS websites

Smartphone, Tablet & Computer Versions

All of our websites are built to auto configure in response to a users device. One JTM website will convert into smartphone, tablet and computer versions to help you connect with web users on virtually any device.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system gives you the ability to edit and maintain your website after we build it. It gives us the ability to implement a wider range of options in your original design or as updates.


We can provide stock images and graphics for your website or you can provide your own. You must provide your own logo or we can have one designed for you at an additional cost.

Click to Call

The click to call feature allows smartphone users to simply call your business by touching your number display. This feature also works on tablets with calling features as well as computers with apps like Skype. Go to this webpage and click on the phone number from your smartphone.

Multi Part Home Page Animation

Take advantage of your prime real estate with our multi part home page animation with previews and built in navigation. Here is an example.

Touch & Swipe Capable

In smartphone & tablet mode JTM websites convert to Touch & Swipe interface.

Website Speed Optimized

We integrate software into our websites to help them load faster and easier whether a web user is on a broadband or mobile connection.

High Speed Servers

We host our websites on our own servers. We use the latest hardware and update our server software almost daily to assure maximum up time and speed to your web users.

Branded Email

Branded email with build a professional image while building your brand. Stop using Gmail or any other service.

Custom Contact Form

We will design and embed, on as many pages as you want, a custom contact form like this one. Click Here

Built In Image Enhancement

Because high resolution images can slow your website, and may not be supported by all devices, most website images are reduced resolution images. When your JTM website detects a high resolution device, such as an iPad, it will enhance images by increasing their resolution for a better professional presentation. This feature is not designed to correct a poor image. Go to this webpage and click on the picture of the house.

Premium Website Design Features List

These options/features can be added to your JTM Website

Sortable Galleries

Our sortable galleries allow you to create a master gallery of all your products/services and allow the web users to sort them by category. For instance, a web user on a contractor website, with a click of a button can view just the kitchen remodels or the entire company portfolio.


Our reviews add on allows your website to collect and average your reviews. In addition, it can push them to the search engines for indexing. Lastly, depending on which reviews add on you choose you can even have web users post pictures with their reviews. Here’s a working sample.

Video For All Platforms

Our video player is built to auto format like our websites to quickly deliver crisp video to virtually any device.

Multi Format Galleries

Because images can be large files they may be difficult to display on mobile devices. Our Multi Format galleries are design to manipulate images for most devices from smartphones to desktop computers.

Promotion Displays

Our Promotions Displays can be used to announce a new product or milestone, as well as, discounts and sales. The promotions can be a stand alone page, a scheduled slide in an animation or as a page overlay triggered by a number of actions.

Pricing & Comparison Tables

These are great to use when you want to compare several products at once or give a web user a quick look at pricing options. Take a look.


Write your own product reviews, showcase a new project/product or talk about the weather. Use your blog to write and engage with your web users.

Social Media & Blog Automated Posts

Write your blog posts and our websites can be programmed to push your articles out to your social media. Write once and post to multiple locations.

Online Chat

Many web users prefer to get answers quickly. We can add programming to your website so you can chat live with web users that have questions.

Advanced Graphics

Advanced graphics, like our product rating bars, are great visual tools to help you highlight products and communicate information quickly with your web users. Here is how the rating bars look. There are many other graphic elements available.

Front End Editor

If you are interested in editing your own website the Front End Editor allows you to make changes right on your web page rather than in a design dashboard. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to update your pages. This short video shows you how it works.

Private Pages

Create segregated areas in your website with logins and content for specific users.

Sell Physical Products

Use your website to sell physical products, handle shipping and even manage your inventory.

Sell Services

We can format your website to sell services and other non-physical products.

Sell Memberships

Use you website to sell memberships or special content such as how to videos, articles or product installations.

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