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It’s like the Olympics

The search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) score individual websites and give the top 10 (or so) page one listings. A great deal of your success in getting to page one lies in what you do in comparison to what your competitors are doing. Running a 9.5 second 100 meters in the Olympics may be phenomenal, but if there are 3 other runners that run it in 9.4 or less then you get no prize.

There are a lot of factors that go into seo from the actual code structure of your website, is your website mobile friendly, the actual content of your website, how your website is submitted for indexing and a lot more.

We offer 3 types of seo

The One Time

  • We optimize the content and structure of your website and submit it to GBY for indexing.
  • This works if you are in a low competition market
  • Price to optimize one of our 5 page sites $500 one time fee


  • We optimize the content and structure of your website and submit it to GBY for indexing every month
  • This works best because in order for you to get to page one you will have to bump someone else off of page one. By submitting and updating monthly it is less likely that someone else will be able to displace you from page one once you are there.
  • Price for one of our 5 page sites $100/month, but can vary

JTM Web Bundle

  • If you are serious about marketing your company this is the most aggressive and economical option
  • Price see our web bundles comparison here

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