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conventional and mobile web design

All of our website design packages include a smartphone, tablet & computer version.

Pricing – JTM Base Website

Look Professional – Project a Successful Company Image

Look Professional at a Low Cost

responsive web design
Web Design Options & Add On List

Loaded and Built to Impress

Base Web Package Includes:

  • Up to a 5 page website
  • Home page animation similar to ours
  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Touch & swipe control on mobile
  • Click to call on mobile
  • Branded email yourname@yourcompany.com
  • 1 year high speed hosting
  • High resolution images from our library
  • 1 year of updates
  • Domain name transfer or new registration
  • Custom contact form
  • On a our base CMS (update & edit your own website)
  • Add pages or options for an additional fee
  • Click here for a complete list of included features

Total Cost $1,498.00

We also offer 6 months 0% financing.

Samples Of Our Work

5 – 50+ page websites of local businesses

Marketing Powerhouse

The Tile Outlet Dublin CA

Our SEO add on helps to deliver almost 1,000 web users/month searching for tile in their area. We also added convenience features. Web users now receive turn by turn directions right to their smartphones with a single click. Go to their website and click on their address.

product info page

Advanced Graphics & Design Tools

MC Heat Cool Redwood City CA

Here you get all the bells and whistles in an affordable package. MC Heating & Cooling wanted a professional website that would communicate their company’s success without a huge initial cost. We have implemented our Advanced Graphics add on.

Product rating page

Sell Online & in the Field.

Knight Roofing Services Fremont CA

We built this catalog style website as a component of one of our marketing bundles. We have embedded product rating graphics, managed reviews and a user interface that allows web users to sort through over 1,800 of their completed projects.

Sortable Projects list

Just That Much Web Design Services

Latest Tech – Old Fashioned Personal Service

Serving Large & Small Companies

just that much web design services

Need more than our 5 page Base website?

We have built:

  • 5 page small business brochure websites

  • 26,000 product multi-state distributor websites

  • and everything in between

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JTM Content Management System Websites (CMS)

Perform more like a software than a typical website

Watch this video.

See how ridiculously easy editing your own website could be.

Intelligent Dynamic Websites

Upon detecting a web user JTM Websites will…

  1. Determine the users device and browser
  2. Then, the website will dynamically build and format itself for that user

The modular design of our websites allows us to add features to best meet your needs at the time of the original build or a later date. This allows companies to grow their sales first and enhance their website as they go.

Some of our cms platforms come with up to 3 page editors from the most comprehensive to the simplest. Watch this video to see one in action.

Our cms is not just about ease of editing. The cms platforms we use allow us to build a more sophisticated website, offer more options, and do it at an affordable price.

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JTM Web Bundles – Internet Marketing & Web Design Combined

See why most of our clients prefer to bundle and get their websites for free

web design and internet bundles

Just That Much Web Bundles

We designed JTM Web Bundles to help businesses meet their sales goals while controlling their costs

JTM Web Bundles are built for businesses that want a professional website but also want to:

  • acquire new customers
  • build repeat business
  • sell on quality not low price

JTM Web Bundles puts your website, social media, blog, email marketing, managed reviews, internet marketing and all your mobile under one roof working together seamlessly. Programs are fully managed by JTM. Choose a pre-built bundle or customize one of your own.

Start at $129/month & comes with a free website

Every account comes with third party services that track and report our performance.

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The simple & affordable way to bring in new customers & build repeat business.

JTM Web Bundles

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