Need more customers?
Want to convert more ads to sales?

Custom Built Internet Marketing.

What do you need from your digital marketing?

  1. Get in front of consumers searching for your products now…
    Even better, reach consumers ready to buy.
  2. Low cost long term sales growth
  3. Build repeat business & generate referrals
  4. Convert more ads to calls & sales
  5. Better support for your sales teams

Take 5 minutes with one of our marketing advisors. We’ll take a look at you, your competitors and your market. Then we will build a marketing program and strategy to help you meet your goals and work within your budget.

Don’t settle for a one size fits all approach to your marketing!

Don’t Just Advertise. Stack the Deck.

See JTM Stacked in action.

In this short video you will see actual results for a campaign that is running The Basic Version of JTM Stacked. Take a look at how we are able to make our client stand out and get noticed while their competitors blend into the landscape. This campaign includes:

  • Google Search Marketing
  • Organic advertising SEO (Optimized Hybrid Website)
  • YouTube Videos
  • JTM Commercial Videos
  • Dedicated Landing Pages
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Custom Facebook Apps
  • Marketing Reports from Google

We call it Basic but as you can see it comes loaded with features.

See real world results. Watch this HD video in full screen.


Below are just a few of the options & features we offer with JTM Stacked.


Monitor your marketing performance around the clock

Marketing Reports directly from Google

For our Clients. While many of our competitors build their own reporting software we prefer to use Google. We want our clients to feel more at ease knowing that a third party, Google, is monitoring and reporting on our marketing efforts. Google Analytics is a robust tool and for some may be too much information but we leave it up to you to decide.

For our Staff. The information we receive from Analytics allows us to see which marketing tools are working and which need adjusting. Our goal is to fine tune and squeeze the maximum ROI out of your campaigns. We can monitor consumer behavior by location, device and many other factors. We can see which ads are yielding conversions and which are not. No other marketing channel offers this much control.


Consumers that do mobile searches are serious about buying.


Mobile Marketing

Not only are mobile searches catching, and in many categories surpassing conventional searches, they also deliver some interesting pay offs. According to a Nielsen/Google study released in April 2013 28% of consumer mobile searches will result in a purchase, a visit or a call to a business. More than half of those consumers will act within an hour of doing their mobile search.

JTM Stacked can be configured for both conventional and mobile marketing. As an added benefit JTM Stacked integrates perfectly with JTM Hybrid Websites for both conventional and mobile use.

Today’s consumers don’t do anything without their smartphones. 47% even use their smartphones while…you know.


Reach Consumers Ready to Buy & Low Cost Brand Building


Internet Search & Display Marketing

JTM campaigns are designed to be extremely discriminating. We put you you in front of consumers searching for your products and, in best case, connect you with web users ready to buy now. Done right Internet Search Marketing is a quick and surgically precise way to get in front of targeted consumers. Done wrong it will deplete your marketing budget in a hurry, that’s why we do a great deal of research before launching any campaign.

Display marketing can be used for low cost brand building or to connect with consumers in a buying mode. We can use tools like Google’s re-marketing to intelligently place your display ads in high traffic websites or even in mobile apps.

Watch the Stack the Deck Video above.


Connect with more consumers…
Convert more of your marketing into calls or sales.

YouTube Trueview video marketing

JTM Video & YouTube

A critical component of marketing is to yield conversions. Video has proven to be an invaluable tool for boosting consumer action. As a business owner the most compelling argument came from a test conducted by Geomoto. They simply replaced static content from their landing pages with video and almost doubled the sales from their online campaign.

JTM Videos come in several formats from TV Style Commercials to the informative, such as product demonstrations. Take advantage of special features like voice overs, background soundtracks and more.

With YouTube, we start by building out your own YouTube Channel. Then, we stock it with optimized videos to get your videos organic page one listings. Lastly, we can implement a TrueView YouTube Marketing campaign to place your video ads on other high traffic YouTube videos.

Watch the Stack the Deck Video above.


Generate Referrals…Build Your Brand

JTM stacked social media marketing

Social Media Marketing & Tools

Consider a few facts:

  • 93% of American adults are on Facebook
  • 73% of B to C businesses have acquired new customers on Facebook
  • 45% of B to B businesses have acquired new customers from Facebook

When we design your social media marketing program we are going to start by determining the best venue(s) for your company. Next we are going to build out or update your business pages. We will custom build apps and implement tools like Facebook share throughout your digital inventory.

Lastly, we can train your staff to properly use these tools as today’s digital word of mouth. Consider this, connecting with one Facebook user could put your brand in front of 200 (on average) of their friends, family or colleagues.

We can also structure your social media to act as your online customer service manager.

Watch the Stack the Deck Video above.


Turning Ads into Consumer Action

JTM landing pages

Landing Pages

The Landing Page (webpage) a consumer lands on when they click on an ad is critical. Google strongly advises creating a dedicated landing page in order to increase your conversion rate. In addition, Google, Bing & Yahoo take your landing page into consideration when assigning your ad campaign a quality score. The more relevant and targeted a page is to your advertisements the better placement your ads will receive and more impressions.

We can embed landing pages into your Hybrid website or host them off site. In addition, we can search engine optimize your landing pages so they generate organic traffic as well as paid. Lastly, we have the ability to design your pages with upgrades like video and social share tools.

Watch the Stack the Deck Video above.


Low Cost, Long Term Marketing

JTM search engine optimization seo

SEO – Organic Internet Listings

While you have to pay the search engines for each ppc click or every display ad impression you don’t have to pay Google, Bing or Yahoo a penny for organic listings. However these prized listings require expert optimization to acquire. JTM’s search engine optimization delivers astounding results and comes with some extremely unique features.


The benefit of organic listings (other than being free) is that they are far more stable and consistent than paid listings. JTM’s SEO program is an ongoing process that monitors your listings and makes adjustments as needed to help get you to page one and keep you there. Watch the “Stack the Deck” video to see the difference. We can optimize webpages, press releases, videos and more.

Currently Just That Much has a perfect record (100%) for getting our clients to Google, Bing & Yahoo page ones and staying there.

Watch the Stack the Deck Video above.


Pay for one advertisement & get as many as 4 more, Free.

JTM marketing multiplier

JTM Marketing Multiplier

Another Just That Much first is our Marketing Multiplier. This program is available only to select clients. In short the multiplier program offers clients presently using our Stacked Marketing to increase their reach by paying for one advertisement and getting as many as four more for free. Call and see if your business qualifies.

Statistical and performance data throughout this website is for reference only. Your actual results will vary. Products and offers are subject to change without notice.